Dry Gas Seals

Thanks to our extensive experience, advanced designs, state-of-the-art manufacturing and testing and ability to offer full-service solutions, Dresser-Rand can bring these advantages to your existing centrifugal compressor.

Compared to conventional oil lubricated seals, dry gas seals:

  • Reduce gas emissions
  • Eliminate the need for complex and costly seal oil systems, and the ongoing maintenance associated with them
  • Improve efficiency by eliminating the parasitic power losses caused by oil shear and drag
  • Eliminate contamination of process gas by seal lubricants
  • Eliminate contamination of seal oil by the process gas
  • Extend the life of lubricating oil
  • Retain pressure during shutdown even with the auxiliaries deactivated

Upgrading the gas seals on your centrifugal compressors to Dresser-Rand dry gas seals will allow your operation to benefit from our product’s unique anti-hang-up and high reliability features.

Dresser-Rand gas seals are available in a range of dimensions (2 in / 50.8 mm to 13.5 in / 342.9 mm), pressures (up to 2900 psi / 200 bar), and speeds (5,000 to 32,700 rpm), as well as various arrangements (single, tandem, double, etc.), to provide the best solution for each application.

Both unidirectional and bidirectional designs are available for your needs and process requirements.

The standard materials accommodate a large range of conditions. When required, materials can be specially selected to comply with NACE standards.