Steam Turbine Upgrades

Dresser-Rand offers an array of state-of-the-art upgrades and design improvements for virtually all steam turbine brands.

Through a vast network of worldwide service and repair centers, Dresser-Rand provides complete aftermarket services for your steam turbine equipment virtually whenever and wherever you need it. From expedited parts delivery to complete overhauls, Dresser-Rand has the resources to keep your equipment at the highest levels of performance throughout its life cycle.

  • Available upgrades that may be appropriate for your equipment include:
  • Steam path — Diaphragms and blades
  • Rotor — Solid forged shaft material
  • Turbine case — Duplicate footprint with improved sealing features and materials
  • Mechanical controls — valves, seats, and cams
  • Steam Seals — Retractable, and retractable with brushes
  • Oil Seals —  PTFE ring seals, inpro seals, and air purge seals
  • Safety trip systems — Combined or separate trip valves
  • Speed control systems — Mechanical governors, electronic governors
  • Lubrication systems
  • Gland seal systems
  • Vibration probes and temperature sensors
  • Tilt pad bearings — Journal and thrust
  • Disc or dry type couplings
  • Coating —  HVOF, PVD
  • Engineering studies
  • Steam system audits — Boilers, piping, condensate system, and steam users


An overhaul ensures your steam turbine is running at original manufacturing specifications and provides an opportunity to take advantage of any recent upgrades and design improvements. Our worldwide network of service and repair centers minimizes downtime and associated costs.