Fuel Management

By installing Enginuity® fuel management systems and valves you’ll be assured that the technology running inside your engine is specifically matched to your application.

COMPLi Catalytic Exhaust Systems
Enginuity catalytic products include three-way and oxidation catalysts, catalytic silencers and mufflers used in the power generation and gas transmission markets.

High Pressure Fuel Injection (HPFI®) System
This system provides a cost-effective upgrade of fuel/gas control for direct-injected, natural gas-fired industrial engines.

Enhanced mixing performance fuel injection valve for direct injected natural gas engines providing improved combustion stability with reduced fuel consumption and lower emission performances.

These valves, from Woodward Industrial Controls, are electrically actuated, high response gas admission valves for in-manifold (port) fuel admission. Designed for use on four-cycle, turbocharged, natural gas or dual-fuel engines, the SOGAV provides needed flexibility on many naturally aspirated engines such as the Ingersoll Rand® KVG.

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