Engine Automation + Monitoring

Today, automation and monitoring systems perform a variety of tasks that were unheard of just a few years ago.

Maintaining reliable operations within a wide range of operating requirements and strict emissions regulations requires a level of accuracy far beyond what was once achievable with earlier control systems. Dresser-Rand Enginuity® offers field proven control standards which now range from start-stop sequencing and parametric emissions monitoring system (PEMS), to combustion-based air-fuel ratio control and condition monitoring – and many solutions in between.

Dresser-Rand has a family of engine and compressor monitoring systems that can be installed and configured for your specific requirements. These integrated, cascading diagnostic tools enable users to diagnose engine and compressor problems and pinpoint maintenance activities. Operating together or standing alone, iBALANCE™, iFLOW™, and iVIEW™ protect your valuable engine assets.

  • iBALANCE – monitors and analyzes the combustion pressure of each power cylinder by sampling the pressure signal from the sensors once per crank angle degree for all power cylinders simultaneously
  • iFLOW – collects and processes compressor cylinder data. The iFLOW system can replace the existing compressor curves with real-time measured BHP, which can be used for torque control and continuous compressor optimization.
  • iVIEW – visually monitor the health and performance of compressors and engines with this Microsoft® Windows-based program.

iFLEX™ is an integrated control system for all types of natural gas engines and compressors. It can be used for engine health monitoring and safety shutdowns, unit start / stop sequencing, speed control, turbocharger control, ignition timing, compressor loading / unloading, and unit valve sequencing. The control system architecture features Allen-Bradley ControlLogix® or CompactLogix® programmable automation controllers which communicate data to PanelView Plus™ or PanelView™ CE operator terminals. iFLEX systems are easily integrated with local station or remote management systems.

Engine applications include:

  • Caterpillar®
  • Clark®
  • Cooper®
  • Enterprise
  • Ingersoll Rand®
  • Jenbacher
  • Nordberg
  • Wärtsilä
  • Waukesha
  • White Superior
  • Worthington

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