Gas Field Policies

Description Policy

Commercial GFPs
Order Entry Policy GFP-1 Nov 2010
Conversion Policy GFP-5 Sep 2008
Pre-Start and Startup Forms GFP-8 Jan 2018
Instruction Manual & Parts Lists Policy GFP-25 Mar 2007
Order Cancellation Policy GFP-26 Sep 2009

Technical GFPs
Compressor Performance Policy GFP-2 Apr 2015
Low Molecular Weight Applications (MW<12) GFP-11 Jul 2013
Acid Gas Applications GFP-12 Jul 2013
FPSO GFP-14 Sep 2008
Air or Nitrogen Service GFP-15 Sep 2008
Carbon Dioxide Service (with H20) GFP-16 Aug 2013
Low Temperature Service GFP-17 Mar 1997
Sour Gas Service GFP-18 Sep 2008
Torsional Vibration Analysis GFP-21 Jul 2013
Non-Lube Service GFP-23 Sep 2008
Comments to API 618, 5th Edition (08/2002) GFP-22 Apr 2015
Comments to ISO 13631 GFP-27 Jul 2013
Quality Control/Quality Assurance Procedures GFP-28 Sep 2008