Steam Turbines

New High-Performance Gimpel® Valves Picking Up Steam

Dresser-Rand launches new Gimpel® electro-hydraulic trip-throttle valve (EHTTV). Designed to prevent the catastrophic failure of steam turbines, Dresser-Rand’s Gimpel EHTTV stops the flow of steam to the turbine in less than 0.3 seconds, a closing force that is four to 10 times faster than typical latch-type valves. Additionally, the back seated stem design prevents steam loss when the valve is fully open. […]

Tom Logan: Standardization Enables Operational Excellence

Editor’s Note: Tom began his career in the US Navy where he was a submariner for 11 years. After serving the Navy, he spent four years at the Georgia Institute of Technology conducting research in underwater structural acoustics and bioacoustics. Tom held a variety of leadership engineering, marketing and product management roles focused on steam […]