Client Support – From Every Angle

In order to help keep our clients’ equipment running at optimum performance, the high-speed reciprocating compressor (HSRC) business unit has developed several aftermarket initiatives over the years. As with the MOS™ compressor, this goes back to listening to what our clients had to say. And these benefits don’t just apply to Dresser-Rand® compressors – we offer upgrades for all brands […]

Partnerships: As Strong as The Foundation You Build

A partnership is defined as a relationship between individuals or groups characterized by mutual cooperation and responsibility for the achievement of a specified goal. Clients approach us with specific needs and desired outcomes for their equipment. Dresser-Rand has a long history of working with end users, contractors and even between business units within the company itself. Our engineers recognize that the […]

Meeting Rising Demand for Energy has Never Been this Sustainable

As appeared in Volume 42 Issue 3/4 of Scandinavian Oil & Gas magazine. Reprinted with permission. The demand for liquefied natural gas (LNG) fuel has rapidly increased, largely due to substantial price disparities between diesel fuel and low priced natural gas, increased penalties for flaring and the expanding global shale gas development. Recognizing the need […]