Engineer's Notebook

Stability Testing of CO2 Compressors

Note: Reproduced with permission of the Turbomachinery Laboratory ( From Proceedings of the Forty-Third Turbomachinery Symposium, Turbomachinery Laboratory, Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas, Copyright 2014.

This paper presents results from stability analysis and testing on high- pressure CO2 centrifugal compressors, beginning with a preliminary analysis conducted at an academic institution. It includes results of stability tests that were carried out in manufacturer facilities. The tests were done on two different types of compressor, both designed to operate with high content of CO2 in super critical condition. Due to the similarities on testing and results, only the results of one compressor type are presented. An important gain from the tests was a clearer understanding of the behavior of this compressor for the stability for different load conditions.

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