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Nachwuchskreis Duisburg / Essen promotes career development


Career development programs are widely acknowledged as an important tool in today’s competitive business environment. Not only do these programs boost company growth and increase employee productivity, but they create an enthusiasm that powers retention. Studies show that employees who participate in career development programs tend to be more productive and customer-directed, and less likely to leave the company.

One such program, the Nachwuchskreis (NWK) Duisburg / Essen, is a two-year rotational program wherein a group of young Siemens professionals spend up to 10 percent of their work time on joint business and social projects that include team building, project management and networking. The NWK program is highly competitive and requires a formal application submittal. Participants comprise engineers, business economists, etc. from diverse backgrounds.

Established in Duisburg in 2008, the program offers extensive learning opportunities including advanced hands-on training, access to a network of mentors, exposure to executives, project management, and cross-functional team participation. Further, the program encourages networking, whereby participants form alliances and befriend others with similar professional interests. ▪

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