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Making Best Use of the Tools At Hand

In Ernest Hemingway’s, The Old Man and the Sea, the aging fisherman, Santiago, would say to himself, “Now is no time to think of what you do
not have. Think of what you can do with what there is.”

Perhaps this phrase helps describe the work mindset of Berenice Flores, a key client manager for a major oil company. After all, this Hemingway classic is her favorite novel. “It’s a tale that includes many virtues, especially courage and endurance,” she says.

“I see my role as Dresser-Rand’s representative to the client and as the client’s representative to Dresser-Rand. It’s somewhat of a balancing act. I have to ensure that my client’s needs are met, as well as those of our company.

In a competitive market like this, being able to discuss how the Dresser-Rand business can match its services to a client’s needs is what helps position us ahead of our competitors,” Berenice continues.

Among her responsibilities are providing support in the sales cycle for all opportunities, fulfilling quotation requests, maintaining the price book, and solving any issues that arise with order execution and delivery, to name only a few. It’s easy to imagine that working in so many facets of the business could become stressful, but Berenice manages her workload with the support of her coworkers and by continually updating her communications skills.

“I think it’s important that we all seek to improve how we communicate,” she maintains. Berenice also enjoys the collaborative nature of her work, adding “I like learning different topics, interacting with different people and solving problems. That’s why I was always attracted to jobs where I get to interact with people at various organizational levels and across cultures – where there is always room for learning.”

With a degree in Business Administration from the Instituto Tecnologico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey, Berenice has worked with an assortment of diverse companies, including Alucaps Group, Panasonic, Mattel, and She also worked as a contractor when her twin daughters were smaller, giving her the flexibility to work from home.

Berenice grew up in the Mexican city of Cuernavaca, the capital of Morelos state, located about an hour south of Mexico City. Known for its great weather year round, it is celebrated as “The City of the Eternal Spring.”

“Cuernavaca is a beautiful place to grow up,” says Berenice. “It is full of history, culture, traditions, art, and great food.” With its gated haciendas and sprawling estates, the city has attracted foreign princes, archdukes and other nobles seeking to enjoy its warmth, clean air, fresh water springs, and eye-catching architecture. Central among these structures is the Cuauhanahuac Museum, also known as Cortes Palace – home of the Spanish conqueror, Hernan Cortes – which helps preserve the region’s history.

Another “can’t miss” site, according to Berenice, is the Cathedral of Franciscan Order, built in 1522. It was the fifth Franciscan construction in Mexico, established by the first 12 Franciscan friars who arrived in the country. “There are so many fascinating sites in my hometown that I enjoyed with family and friends. Now, I go back as much as I can with my twin daughters. I want them to collect great memories as I did when growing up.”

Reminiscing about growing up in Cuernavaca, Berenice reveals that her mother was her biggest role model. “She was a teacher. She taught with passion, dedication, love, and joy. I witnessed many times how grateful her former and current students were to her and she was highly respected not only by her pupils, but by parents as well.” Perhaps that’s why Berenice has always chosen jobs where she interacts with people at various organizational levels.

Outside the office, Berenice is passionate about doing what’s best for her family and maintaining a strong connection with them. The focus of her priorities, she says, is making sure her daughters have a good education. “I want to teach them to think critically, to be open-minded and encourage them to keep the appetite they have for learning.” Among her pastime activities are teaching her daughters volleyball, visiting parks and museums, attending classic concerts, and reading Brain Pickings, an online assortment of eclectic

When asked about lessons learned on the job at Dresser-Rand, Berenice reveals that “no matter what industry you work for, you can adapt and fit in as long as you are willing to learn and work the best you can. And it’s important to be flexible, creative and able to work with the tools provided.”

Just like Hemingway’s fisherman, Santiago.