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Engineering Fellowship Program Honors Two Long-time Employees

Throughout the year, Dresser-Rand recognizes employees with various awards and acknowledgements. In 2012, the Global Engineering Fellowship Program was established to enhance Dresser-Rand’s focus as a technology company and to recognize, reward and retain the best technical employees who have been practicing engineers for 20 years or more. The Fellows Program honors individuals who have attained the highest level of distinction through significant engineering achievements that have had a global impact on Dresser-Rand by providing competitive advantages in the energy markets and being recognized as an industry expert in their engineering discipline.

Glenn Grosso and Harry Miller, both long time Dresser-Rand employees, were inducted into the Fellowship Program making them the first ever inductees.

“Both of these gentlemen are exemplary individuals who demonstrate expertise in their work, embed passion in all that they do and show continued commitment to Dresser-Rand. I am proud of Harry and Glenn’s achievements in earning this recognition. It is well deserved,” said Vincent R. Volpe, Dresser-Rand president and CEO.

g-grosso-fellowsGrosso’s journey began at Rutgers University’s College of Engineering where he received his bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering. Upon graduating, Grosso began his career with Dresser-Rand in 1978 by working at the Ingersoll-Rand Phillipsburg, NJ facility as a project/product/rotor-dynamics/systems engineer for the AXI® rotary screw compressor product line. When Dresser-Rand was formed, Grosso relocated to Olean, NY where he worked as a product design engineer for the AXI and axial compressor product lines.

Grosso’s career at Dresser-Rand has included many product assignments starting with the barrel centrifugal compressor product line in 1991, and then moved to the single process business unit in 1993. In 1997, he worked in the development organization as a design and drafting coordinator and then as a core discipline leader for product design and engineering. He held positions as the manager of product design engineering, centrifugal product technology leader, and finally, in 2008, manager of centrifugal products support, all adding up to more than 30 years working for Dresser-Rand.

When asked to describe what aspects of his job he finds most rewarding, Glenn Grosso replies, “solving opportunities that arise, be they operational or application-related.” And when asked about the challenges he routinely faces in his job, he responds, “There are no challenges, only opportunities.”

Adding to his extensive resume, Grosso has authored several technical papers and articles, holds a U.S. patent with several others pending and is a licensed Professional Engineer in the State of New Jersey. He is also the Olean representative to the API mechanical equipment Sub-committee On Mechanical Equipment (SOME), which prepares and issues many of the  industry standards that Dresser-Rand works to. Grosso was on the API-617 8th edition task force and is on the API Standard Paragraphs task force. A couple years ago, Grosso was presented with an API Resolution of Appreciation award for his 10 years of service to the committee.

h-miller-fellowsHarry Miller first entered Dresser-Rand as a co-op student in 1968. After receiving his bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from Northeastern University and his master’s degree in business administration from Lehigh University, he came back to Dresser-Rand to start his career in turbomachinery. Miller started as head product engineer for axial, M-Line and large B-Line compressors and held a variety of leadership positions since, including supervisor of Expander Design Engineering, market manager, principal engineer and leader of the DATUM® compressor development project, manager of development engineering, senior technologist, and product manager for turbo products.

In April 2012, Miller was appointed director of Emerging Technologies, whereby he identifies growth opportunities for the company in energy infrastructure and adjacent markets.

Miller is one of the key engineers responsible for the original DATUM centrifugal compressor design and is an expert in turbo compressors and gas turbine design and application. He is a member of the ASME, has authored several technical papers and articles, contributed to and been awarded several patents, and has won the Dresser Industries Annual Technical Achievement Award.

“Glenn and Harry have demonstrated exemplary technical leadership and each have made significant contributions to establish and maintain Dresser-Rand as a technology leader in the markets that we serve. They are also active leaders in professional organizations that serve to advance the industry and the field of mechanical engineering,” said David Nye, director of Research and Development for Dresser-Rand. “They continue to demonstrate technical achievement through patents, publications, and presentations—all dedicated to helping our clients maximize the benefit derived from Dresser-Rand equipment and services. Both Glenn and Harry also possess a passion for developing future generations of technical talent at Dresser-Rand through recruiting, training, coaching, and mentoring activities. Dresser-Rand congratulates Glenn and Harry for their achievements and recognizes the high standard that they have set as the first inductees in the Fellows program.”

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