Dresser-Rand Named One of America’s Safest Companies and Wins 2013 Southwest Oil & Gas Award

Dresser-Rand was recently selected as one of America’s Safest Companies by EHS Today magazine and a winner of the 2013 Southwest Oil & Gas Award. Both awards featured several of Dresser-Rand’s Health, Safety and Environmental programs and initiatives.

Vincent R. Volpe Jr., Dresser-Rand’s President and CEO, said, “Safety is a critical, core value for us. These awards reaffirm our employees’ commitment to creating a culture of ethics, caring and respect for one another – it is their award. WE are honored to have received these awards, and proud of the underlying efforts that take place daily as we strive for safety, health and teh well-being of our environment.”

Of 100 applications this year, EHS Today selected 16 companies that provide a safe working environment for thousands of employees and serve as a reference point for companies hoping to achieve world-class safety status. Winners will be recognized at an awards ceremony on October 29 in Atlanta, GA.

The EHS award was founded in 2002. Since then, more than 150 companies have been recognized for their excellence in integrating safety into their corporate culture and for their safety metrics being significantly better than their industry averages.

To be considered one of America’s Safest Companies, companies must demonstrate transformational EHS leadership in the form of: support from management and employee involvement; innovative solutions to safety challenges; injury and illness rates significantly lower than the average for their industries; comprehensive training programs; evidence that prevention of incidents is the cornerstone of the safety process; excellent communication internally and externally about the value of safety; and a way to substantiate the benefits of the safety process.

Dresser-Rand was also selected as the winner of the 2013 Southwest Oil & Gas Health and Safety Award. The Oil & Gas Awards celebrate the positive contributions made by upstream and midstream sector companies of the oil and gas industry in the areas of Health and Safety, Environmental Stewardship and Corporate Responsibility. The judges of the 2013 Oil & Gas Awards reviewed more than 400 entries and selected 67 finalists. Dresser-Rand was one of four finalists in Health and Safety.

Winners were announced at the inaugural 2013 Southwest Oil & Gas Awards gala dinner at the Taste of Texas Ballroom, Sheraton Hotel and Spa in Fort Worth, TX, on October 22.

“We recognize that we cannot achieve a zero-injury culture without becoming operationally excellent,” said Peter Salvatore, Dresser-Rand’s Vice President and Chief Safety Officer. “Safety discussions of at-risk behaviors and conditions are a primary rallying point in discussions with our employees. Our ultimate goal is to eliminate workplace injuries through disciplined processes, execution and employee engagement.”

Earlier this year, Dresser-Rand was also recognized by the National Safety Council for an Occupational Excellence Achievement Award, as well as an award for multiple Dresser-Rand locations that demonstrated exceptional safety performance in the workplace.

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