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Strengthening the communities in which we operate is an important aspect of our Company’s values. The Company and its employees recognize that strong communities are advantageous for growth and prosperity. Worldwide, our employees look for ways to give back, strengthen community programs and support worthwhile causes.

ESA Sales and Service Meeting Attendees Open Hearts…and Wallets

Laerskool General Nicolaas Smit Primary school children created a “thank you” banner to show their appreciation.

Laerskool General Nicolaas Smit Primary school children created a “thank you” banner to show their appreciation.

Attendees of the annual European Served Areas Sales and Service meeting collect money for worthy charities. They nominate charities, and the management team decides which charity will receive donations that year.

Last year, attendees opened their hearts and wallets and raised $2,135 USD (ZAR 25000) for the Laerskool General Nicolaas Smit Primary school located in the heart of the poverty-stricken area of Pretoria, South Africa. Dresser-Rand team members Shane Janse Van Vuuren, Branch Manager; Ola Adebowale, Regional Director–Sub Sahara Africa; and Ian Sloan, Regional HR manager, presented the gift to the school’s headmaster.

The school provides approximately 1,200 primary school children with schooling, uniforms and transportation for their families. It also assists with shelter where possible, hot meals for the children, community projects to increase employment, and food parcels for the families.

The Dresser-Rand team was greeted by the headmaster, Chris Sealie, who has run the Laerskool General Nicolaas Smit Primary school for 17 years. He provided the D-R team with a tour of the school and the local area, where many of the children’s homes are converted shipping containers.

“Witnessing some of the hardships first hand, and listening to true life stories from the headmaster was a leveling experience as we can take many basic things for granted,” shared, Sloan. “We had the privilege to present the donations to a grateful teacher, who will make the money go a long way to positively impact many youngsters.”

Despite the hardships of the surrounding area, children attending the school are very happy to have a place to learn.

Smile Caravan Reaches Kuito-Bie, Angola


Our D-R Brazil Environmental Solutions business unit supports ONG Aldeia Nissi (Nissi Village), whose work positively impacts the children and teenagers of Kuito-Bie. Last year, Dresser-Rand donated solar panels to help generate electricity for the school, materials to construct a new classroom and household utensils for the kitchen.

Silvia Prado, an employee of D-R Brazil’s Environmental Solutions business unit, regularly participates in the “Smile Caravan.” The Smile Caravan is a volunteer group that dedicates their vacation and holiday time to helping people in isolated communities around the world. In February, the group traveled to Angola’s Aldeia Nissi School in the remote community of Kuito-Bie and spent 25 days educating students about dental care, basic first aid, the importance of self-esteem, sex education, and conflict mediation. They also coordinated enrichment activities for the students involving music, art and leisure.

D-R Congratulated on Outstanding 1st Quarter Safety Performance
DuPont recently sent a letter to Dresser-Rand and other contractor partners, congratulating us for delivering outstanding safety performance in the first quarter 2015. Year-to-date, DuPont has seen a 60% improvement in contractor safety performance compared with the same period last year.

The letter concluded “Congratulations on your excellent contractor safety performance, and we wish you continued success. Thank you for all that you do, and for being Committed to Zero.”

We are proud to work side-by-side with clients and other contractors who consider safety and health to be a core value, just as we do.

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