Highest efficiencies for air separation and process industries

The STC-GV centrifugal compressor series has been meeting compression demands for more than 60 years.

Scarce resources and stringent environmental regulations require efficient products to meet global demand for fuel and hydrocarbon products. It’s a given that compressor trains are at the core of almost any process operation. When selecting a compressor to produce, transport and process oil and gas, or to run an industrial application, reliability, energy-efficiency, exceptional life cycles, and low maintenance requirements are critical considerations.

The STC-GV centrifugal compressor series, part of the Dresser-Rand business product line, has been meeting operator’s demands for efficiency and availability for six decades. The integral-geared design is the heart of this compressor and features a multi-shaft arrangement with different speeds. Shafts are mounted in maintenance-free, oil lubricated hydrodynamic bearings. With up to eight compressor stages around a central bull gear, the STC-GV forms a compact, multi-stage unit that can compress a wide range of gases.

High-end 3D impellers offer top-of-the-line aerodynamic efficiency levels and are scalable to meet a wide range of suction flow. Adjustable guide vane units at the first and/or any other compression stage optimize the product’s operating range. The API 617- and API 672-compliant STC-GV compressor is designed to client specifications. This guarantees high quality and meets the technical demands of a variety of industrial applications including the chemical and petrochemical industries, oil refining and gas production.

Air separation and compression applications

The STC-GV compressor is a perfect match for air separation and air compression. In these processes, the unit serves as the main or booster air compressor, or combined main and booster air compressor. As a main air compressor the STC-GV covers volume flows up to 1.0 mio m3/h (588,578 cfm). Most of these units (more than 2,300) are performing reliably in air separation applications.

The STC-GV series has also proven an ideal fit for carbon sequestration and storage compression where high pressure capacities (of about 200 bar / 2,901 psi) are essential. The STC-GV compressor features a CO2 suction volume between 25,000 and 250,000 m3/h (110 to 1,101 US gpm). With multiple stages and intercooling (if required) after each stage, the STC-GV compressor realizes up to 200 bar (2,901 psi) in one machine.

STC-GV design variants

The STC-GV(H) unit is suitable for high-pressure applications with suction pressures higher than five bar (73 psi), especially for booster air in air separation. STC-GT single- or multi-stage units enable power recovery from process gases. And the STC-GVT unit, with its single- or multiple-expander stages, is the ideal solution for simultaneous gas compression and process gas expansion.

For small- to medium size applications, a package design reduces on-site installation time. The package includes the compressor, driver, process gas coolers, lube oil console, process piping, and all tubing and wiring.

High efficiency and availability, a wide operating range, multi-service capability, easy maintenance, and a compact package design with a small footprint make the STC-GV compressor a trusty workhorse for the air separation and process industries. ▪

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