Gas Transmission + Storage

Midstream Services – Moving and Storing Oil and Gas Products

Natural gas flowing in the distribution lines and at the natural gas well head are often used to power natural gas powered engines. These engines rotate compressors to facilitate natural gas transmission. These compressors are required in the midstream line to pressurize and to re-pressurize the natural gas in the transmission line as the gas travels. The natural gas transmission lines extend to the natural gas processing plant or unit which removes the higher molecular weighted natural gas hydrocarbons to produce a British thermal unit (BTU) value between 950 and 1050 BTUs. The processed natural gas may then be used for residential, commercial, and industrial uses.

Often, midstream and well head gases require removal of many of the various hydrocarbon species contained within the natural gas. Some of these gases include heptane, pentane, propane, and other hydrocarbons with molecular weights above methane (CH4) to produce a natural gas fuel which is used to operate the natural gas engines for further pressurized transmission. Typically, natural gas compressors require 950 to 1050 BTU per cubic foot to operate at the natural gas engines rotational name plate specifications.

Dresser-Rand has a range of products that are perfectly suited to this market, including our DATUM® centrifugal compressor, PDI compressors, DATUM C compact compressor, our line of gas turbines, process reciprocating compressors, high and medium speed reciprocating compressors, control systems, and aftermarket services that include parts, field technicians and our world-class support.

Dresser-Rand is committed to serving the midstream oil and gas market’s installed base of equipment. A series of recent strategic acquisitions support Dresser-Rand’s focus on gas transmission, gathering and storage, with emphasis on the extensive installed base of integral gas engines. These acquisitions include Compressor Renewal Services, which focuses on gas engine refurbishment, Arrow Industries, the market-leading foundation and mechanical services provider, and Enginuity, the market-leading emissions reduction and automation technology solutions provider. Together, they form a very strong service platform for the gas transmission, gathering, and storage marketplace.