Waste-to-Energy + Bioenergy

Dresser-Rand has extensive experience in waste-to-energy and bioenergy initiatives around the world.

We have provided power generation from fuels as diverse as —

  • Animal waste (biodigestion) biogas
  • Sewage digester biogas
  • Landfill biogas
  • Wood, from gasification process syngas (gas engines)
  • Processed wood waste, from gasification process syngas (gas engines)
  • Forest residue, from gasification process syngas (gas engines)
  • Solid waste, for steam turbines
  • Food waste, for steam turbines

Siemens Gas Engines (SGE) and steam turbine generator sets play a major role in biomass power generation initiatives helping our clients to meet rising demand for energy in a more environmentally responsible way.

We have worked successfully with OEMs, contractors, engineering companies, and end users to complete hundreds of biomass projects for steam turbines and also biodigestion processes for Siemens Gas Engines.