Waste Heat Recovery

Waste heat is energy generated through an industrial process or power generation plant without being put to practical use.

The heat / energy is released into the atmosphere. Such waste heat properly captured, can be transformed into a reliable heating, cooling and/or an electrical power source. Dresser-Rand offers two waste heat recovery solutions —

  • Steam turbine generator sets are typically considered for process industries and institutional facilities (universities, medical centers and municipalities) that can combine their primary steam needs for manufacturing or heating with on-site electricity generation.
  • An Echogen® waste heat recovery system uses supercritical carbon dioxide (sCO2) as the working fluid instead of steam. Because of its properties, sCO2 can interact more directly with the heat source, eliminating the need for a secondary thermal loop, and further reducing the total installed cost of the system. This compact, flexible system can integrate with wide variety of heat sources without disrupting existing plant operations.

The most common uses include —

  • Reusing the waste heat within the same manufacturing process
  • Transferring the waste heat from one process to another
  • Converting the waste heat into electrical or mechanical power