Energy + Environment

Dresser-Rand focuses on the impacts that our products, services, and operations have on the environment.

Our ongoing development and acquired technologies in the areas of renewable energy resources, combined heat and power, energy storage, and others continue our commitment to bringing energy and the environment into harmony and earning our clients’ loyalty for life.

Compressed Air Energy Storage

Compressed air energy storage (CAES), a method of storing excess energy and using it at another time, is a growing need in the power industry.

Combined Heat + Power

Dresser-Rand has developed a strong reputation for delivering cost savings and emissions reductions through the design and application of systems for CHP.

Waste Heat Recovery

Waste heat from electrical equipment and industrial processes can be recovered for heating, cooling and generating electricity.

Waste-to-Energy + Bioenergy

Dresser-Rand has extensive experience in waste-to-energy and bioenergy initiatives around the world.