Business Conduct Guidelines


The Dresser-Rand Code of Conduct (the “Code”) is about the combined values and standards of behavior that make Dresser-Rand a trusted and respected global organization. We are involved in a competitive industry, and our clients, suppliers, communities and shareholders are all expecting and demanding more of us. These demands have an impact on all of us, no matter where we are in the organization. We are all challenged to find creative and innovative ways to get the job done. We applaud your efforts, and take this opportunity to thank you for the contributions you have made to the Company’s success.

It is each employee’s responsibility to exercise sound business judgment and act honestly and ethically. We are required not only to “do the job” but to “do it the right way.” Doing it the right way means conducting ourselves with ethics and integrity in all that we do.

As your employer, the Company’s obligation goes beyond simply stating that you should always conduct yourself professionally and ethically at work. With this Code, we are formalizing the values that have made us the company we are today and which will carry us forward into the future. This Code describes the fundamental ethical standards that govern all of the work we do, and sets forth the duties and obligations for all our employees under those policies.

Please take time to read this Code, and continue in the Dresser-Rand tradition of hard work with integrity.

Very truly yours,

Christopher Rossi
Chief Executive Officer