Compressed Air Energy Storage (CAES)

Compressed air energy storage (CAES) is a method of storing energy that is generated at one time and using it at another by compressing air. CAES facilities enable you to optimize your base load units by minimizing load swings to maximize efficiency and extend unit life. Storing energy lets you use off-peak power to meet peak demand. The ability to extract energy from renewables such as wind and solar, store it, and use it when needed is a growing need in the power industry.

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Dresser-Rand SMARTCAES® technology is a “one-stop” power island that includes all rotating equipment applications and ancillary services that are required to meet highly specific grid-scale requirements.

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Twenty years ago, the first compressed air energy storage (CAES) power plant went online in North America and has since been producing up to 110 MW of electrical power during periods of peak demand using technology from

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