Steam Turbine Operation + Maintenance (STOM-102)

This four-day course emphasizes the practical aspects of machinery operation and maintenance. It is designed for the following groups: operators, supervisors, and mechanical engineers. Three days of classroom training cover the following topics: steam turbine fundamentals; components and functions; applications; equipment variations; steam turbine control systems; detailed operation and maintenance procedures; safety practices; and disassembly, inspection, evaluation, and reassembly sequence. During one day of hands-on training, participants will disassemble and assemble a single-stage steam turbine. Special tasks include maintenance sequence review, maintenance safety, component removal, inspection, and installation of casing, thrust bearings, journal bearings, shaft seals, and nozzle rings assemblies.

Classes are not routinely scheduled but are offered upon request
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2017 Product Training Catalog

Course Length: 2 Days
Price: $1,150