Steam Turbine Operation + Maintenance – Asia Pacific (STAP-104)

This four-day course emphasizes the practical aspects of machinery operation and maintenance. It is designed for the following groups: operators, supervisors, and mechanical engineers. Three days of classroom training cover the following topics: steam turbine fundamentals; components and functions; applications; equipment variations; steam turbine control systems; detailed operation and maintenance procedures; safety practices; and disassembly, inspection, evaluation, and reassembly sequence. During one day of hands-on training, participants will disassemble and assemble a single-stage steam turbine. Special tasks include maintenance sequence review, maintenance safety, component removal, inspection, and installation of casing, thrust bearings, journal bearings, shaft seals, and nozzle rings assemblies.

Pricing Information:
Malaysia: US $2,600 (tentative) includes lunches and training materials only.
Indonesia: US $2,000 (tentative) includes lunches and training materials only.
China: US $2,330 / RMB 15,000 include daily lunches, accommodations and training materials.

2016 Dresser-Rand Training Catalog

Course Length: 4 Days

Location Date
Cilegon, Indonesia Oct 31 - Nov 3
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Feb 22 - 25, Nov 14 - 17
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