Reciprocating Compressor School (RCS-105)

This classroom-based program for process reciprocating compressors covers a wide range of maintenance and operational concerns related to all components of all Dresser-Rand process reciprocating compressors (previous Ingersoll-Rand– HHE/ESH/HSE, and previous Worthington – BDC). Topics include: journal bearings; compressor cylinders, pistons, rods, and rings; packing/oil wiper rings; compressor valves; capacity control devices; and lubrication and cooling systems. Also included are discussions on cylinder theory, valve failure analysis and general compressor maintenance. This course is a prerequisite for Reciprocating Compressor Lab (RCL-215).

2016 Dresser-Rand Training Catalog

Course Length: 4-5 Days
Price: $2,585 USD, All Brazil courses - 3,500 Reals

Location Date
Baton Rouge, Louisiana, US (MAP location) Apr 12 - 15
Houston, Texas, US Mar 8 - 11
Painted Post, New York, US Jun 6 - 10, Oct 10 - 14
Santa Barbara D'Oeste, Brazil Mar 8 - 11, Sept 13 - 16
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