Reciprocating Compressor School / Lab (RCS / L-225)

This one-week program covers a wide range of maintenance and operational concerns related to frame components of all Dresser-Rand process compressors (previous Ingersoll Rand® – HHE / ESH / HSE and previous Worthington – BDC). Topics include: journal bearings; compressor cylinders; pistons, rods and rings; packing / oil wiper rings; compressor valves; capacity control devices; lubrication and cooling systems; compressor cylinder theory; valve failure analysis; and general compressor maintenance. In conjunction with these lectures, the lab portion requires the students to disassemble, evaluate, repair, and reassemble many compressor components via structured workstations, thus reinforcing many of the maintenance concepts and procedures learned during the lecture portion of the program. Each student must exhibit competence in a variety of knowledge, skill, and performance areas. Each student is afforded the opportunity to work on the following equipment: two-throw HHE-style frame and running gear; non-lube cylinders (split and solid rider bands); a variety of valve rebuilding / evaluation workstations; several capacity control devices (plug, port and clearance pocket unloaders); piston nut tightening; piston rod run-out and rod drop indicator; high-pressure watercooled packing; connecting rod for bolt stretch; install a variety of valve covers; evaluate an oil pump assembly; and adjust crosshead shoes. Throughout the week, instructors stress the proper use of tools and measuring devices that include torque wrenches, micrometers, web deflection indicators, bolt-stretch micrometers, and piston rod run-out indicators. 2017 Product Training Catalog

Course Length: 5 Days
Price: $2,835 USD

Location Date
Houston, Texas, US May 15 - 19, Nov 13 - 17
Los Angeles, California, US Aug 21 - 25


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