Multi-Stage Steam Turbine Class / Hands-On (MST-315)

This five-day course is intended for operators, mechanics, supervisors, and process and mechanical engineers with emphasis on the practical aspects of multi-stage machinery operation and maintenance. Two days are devoted to classroom presentations that include steam turbine fundamentals, detailed operation and maintenance procedures (disassembly, component evaluation and re-assembly). The last three days are dedicated to a hands-on lab workshop with two roundtable discussion sessions. Participants are required to inspect and disassemble a valve rack and governor linkage; remove bearings, rotor, diaphragms, labyrinth glands and springs, etc. and install bearings and diaphragms using an alignment mandrel. Valve lead will be checked and adjusted.

2017 Product Training Catalog

Course Length: 5 Days
Price: $2,835

Location Date
Houston, Texas, US June 19 - 22
Olean, New York, US Sept 11 - 14, Oct 23 - 26


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