Integral Engine Theory (IET-103) (formerly IES-105)

This three-day school covers gas engine cycle and combustion theory and a wide range of important operational and maintenance topics specific to Dresser-Rand two stroke (formerly Dresser-Clark) and four stroke (formerly Ingersoll Rand®) integral gas engines. This program is focused on the power end and includes the following topics: two- and four-stroke cycle theory; assembly and maintenance of power cylinders, power pistons, rods, and rings; lubrication and cooling systems; fuels and fuel systems; power cylinder balancing; camshaft timing; journal bearings and running gear; crankshaft web deflections; valve train systems; and general engine maintenance and troubleshooting.

Classes are not routinely scheduled, but are offered upon request.
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2017 Product Training Catalog

Course Length: 3 Days
Price: $2,645 USD