Integral Engine Lab (IEL-215)

This hands-on program requires students to disassemble, evaluate and reassemble many gas engine components specific to the power end. Both two-stroke cycle (TCV/TLA/HBA) and four-stroke cycle (KVG/KVS) engine components are incorporated into the program. The students are given the opportunity to perform the following tasks: Ingersoll-Rand two-piece and Clark three-piece piston assembly; main bearing assembly; bearing crush; power piston and rod removal; liner bore measurement and evaluation; piston ring clearance measurements; camshaft timing; oil pump maintenance; shimmable connecting rod bearing assembly; and web deflection measurements. A full-size training model is used for the students to learn proper maintenance techniques. Several classroom sessions are included to reinforce the concepts and procedures practiced in the hands-on sessions.

Classes are not routinely scheduled, but are offered upon request.
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2017 Product Training Catalog

Course Length: 4-5 Days
Price: $2,835 USD