Integral Engine / Compressor Theory (IECT-105)

This five day school incorporates all of the major topics to provide the student with a complete overview of integral gas engine compressors, covering both D-R two-stroke (formerly Dresser-Clark) and four-stroke (formerly Ingersoll-Rand) units. Three days of this program focus on the power end, and include the following topics: two- and four-stroke cycle theory; assembly and maintenance of power cylinders, power pistons, rods, and rings; lubrication and cooling systems; fuels and fuel systems; power cylinder balancing; camshaft timing; journal bearings and running gear; crankshaft web deflections; valve train systems; and general engine maintenance and troubleshooting. Two of the five days are devoted to the compressor end, and include such topics as compressor theory, compressor cylinders, crossheads, valves, pistons, rods, and rings. Topics relating to compressor troubleshooting and piston rod run-out are also included.

Classes are not routinely scheduled, but are offered upon request.
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2017 Product Training Catalog

Course Length: 5 Days
Price: $2,645 USD