Dry Gas Seal Installation Course (DGS-103)

This combined classroom and hands-on maintenance course is designed to provide an understanding of how dry gas seals operate and the practical experience necessary to correctly remove and replace a dry gas seal in a centrifugal compressor. Using cut-away models and animations, we will look at the construction of various dry gas seal arrangements and determine if the seals’ spiral grooves make them unidirectional or bidirectional. Then we will examine the support systems that provide the different gases used in the seals and monitor the health of the seals in operation. Lastly, each participant will use special tooling to remove a tandem dry gas seal from a compressor seal cavity, learn how to exercise the seal to prevent hang-up and then reinstall the seal.

2017 Product Training Catalog

Course Length: 2 Days
Price: $1,785

Location Date
Olean, New York, US June 13 - 15, Oct 31 - Nov 2


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