Centrifugal DATUM® Compressor Hands-on LAB (CDL-215)

This five-day, primarily hands on-based course begins with short lectures that not only recap centrifugal compressor fundamentals and principles of operation, but also compare the features and benefits of the DATUM® line of compressors to conventional designs. The interactive hands-on portion of the course requires the students to participate in the removal of the internal bundle from the compressor case of a radially split DATUM compressor. During this exercise, students will learn how to use all of the special tooling required to perform these maintenance techniques which includes working with hydraulic fit components. The students will employ all the normal measuring instruments to position the rotor and evaluate the condition of a compressor’s internal components. The course will conclude with a comprehensive, multiple-choice exam that challenges the student to recall the information learned during the course.

Classes are not routinely scheduled but are offered upon request.

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2017 Product Training Catalog

Course Length: 5 Days
Price: $2,835 USD