Centrifugal Compressor Operation + Maintenance + Dry Gas Seal Installation
(CCDGS – 104)

This four-day course introduces students to centrifugal compressor fundamentals and their principles of operation. The students will review the various models of centrifugal compressors manufactured by Clark, Dresser, Dresser-Clark, Dresser-Rand, Ingersoll-Rand, and Worthington. It provides in-depth coverage of all existing support systems such as lube oil, seal oil and dry gas seal systems as well as the instrumentation systems required to keep these units in operation. The students will learn the correct procedures to perform routine maintenance or a complete tear-down and reassembly for scheduled overhauls.

This combined classroom and hands-on maintenance course is designed to provide an understanding of how dry gas seals operate and the practical experience necessary to correctly remove and replace a dry gas seal in a centrifugal compressor. Using cut-away models and animations, we will look at the construction of various dry gas seal arrangements and determine if the seals‘ spiral grooves make them unidirectional or bidirectional. Also, each participant will use special tooling to remove a tandem dry gas seal from a compressor seal cavity, learn how to exercise the seal to prevent hang-up and then reinstall the seal.

2017 Product Training Catalog

Course Length: 4 Days
Price: $2,000

Location Date
Cilegon, Indonesia Aug 21 - 24, Oct 23 - 26


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