Centrifugal Compressor Hands-On – Asia Pacific

This interactive four-day classroom and hands-on course requires students to participate in the complete disassembly / reassembly of horizontally- and vertically-split Dresser-Rand compressors. Students will learn how to use all of the special tooling required to perform the maintenance techniques when working with both hydraulic- and polygon-fit components, as well as how to use all the normal measuring instruments to evaluate the condition of a compressor's internal components. Pricing Information: Malaysia: US $2,600 (tentative) includes lunches and training materials only. Indonesia: US $2,000 (tentative) includes lunches and training materials only. China:

  • Item 1 Price: US $2,220 / RMB 13,990 include daily lunches, accommodations and training materials.
  • Item 2 Price: US $2,660 / RMB 16,800 include daily meals (lunch + dinner), accommodations and training materials.
2017 Dresser-Rand Training Catalog

Course Length: 4 Days

Location Date
Cilegon, Indonesia Aug 24 - 27
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