Variable Capacity Control Systems

Optimize your Reciprocating Compressor Output to Achieve Better Performance

Most compressors produce more capacity than needed to allow for process control. The excess capacity is typically recycled to the inlet of the compressor to meet demand. The energy required to recycle the excess capacity is wasted.

Variable capacity control systems give operators the ability to adjust compressor capacity to demand eliminating recycle. This reduces energy usage and operating costs.

The Variable Capacity Control (CapCon) Suite consists of two systems:

  • Infinite step control (ISC)
  • Hydraulic variable volume clearance pockets (HVVCP)

Each variable control system allows fixed capacity compressors to become variable capacity compressors.

Variable capacity control devices are becoming more prevalent in the process market because of increased energy costs and the desire to save energy and related expenses whenever possible. Our history in the reciprocating compressor industry dates back to the late 1800s. So our experience, backed by OEM expertise and knowledge, makes Dresser‑Rand the obvious choice to help you select the right capacity control system for your specific operating requirements.