Siemens SGT-A30 RB (Industrial RB211*)

Power Generation: 27.2 MW - 32.5 MW(e) / Mechanical Drive: 27.9 MW - 33.8 MW

The Siemens SGT-A30 RB (Industrial RB211*) gas turbine package matches the technologically advanced gas generator with the efficiency of the RT62 or RT61 power turbine. The aero derivative industrial design has demonstrated outstanding reliability, with more than 750 Siemens SGT-A30 RB gas turbines sold, accumulating a total of over 36 million operating hours of experience.

The latest evolution of the Siemens SGT-A30 RB gas turbine portfolio offers class-leading power density in electrical generation through a compact, lightweight and highly maintainable package optimized for offshore applications.

Features and Field of Application

The Siemens Industrial SGT-A30 RB Gzero (Industrial RB211* Gzero) retrofit upgrade provides existing users of Industrial RB211-C and Industrial RB211-G gas generators, utilising RT-56 and RT-62 power turbines, with a nominal 10 percent power increase depending on ambient temperature. The Industrial SGT-A30 RB Gzero upgrade further enhances the productivity and customer value of these reliable units.

The upgrade can be easily achieved with minimal modification to the existing package design during routine unit overhaul. This cost-effective and simple retrofit approach ensures facility down-time is minimized, while performance, power and operator profitability are optimised.

The power enhancement is achieved with increased air flow featuring zero-staging, partial re-blading of the intermediate pressure compressor and upgrading of the inlet vane of the power turbine to suit the higher flow.

Technical Specifications

  • Same footprint as current SGT-A30 RB variants
  • Upgrade focuses on two of the five modules: air intake and intermediate pressure compressor
  • Conversion made during the overhaul cycle
  • Factory tested for low risk site installation
  • Ease of gas generator refit
  • Minimal package alteration
  • No impact on efficiency
  • Only cold section changes to gas generator

Technical Data

Siemens SGT-A30 RB: Performance data for simple cycle power generation
27.2 MW(e) 29.9 MW(e) 32.1 MW(e)
Power output 27.2 MW(e) 29.8 MW(e) 32.1 MW(e)
Fuel Natural gas, liquid fuel, dual fuel; other fuels upon request; automatic changeover from primary to secondary fuel at any load
Frequency 50 / 60 Hz 50 / 60 Hz 50 / 60 Hz
Gross efficiency 36.4% 37.5% 39.3%
Heat rate 9,904 kJ / kWh 9,589 kJ / kWh 9,159 kJ / kWh
Turbine speed 4,800 rpm 4,800 rpm 4,850 rpm
Pressure ratio 20.6 : 1 21.7 : 1 21.6 : 1
Exhaust mass flow 91.0 kg / s 95.0 kg / s 94.0 kg / s
Exhaust temperature 501 °C (934°F) 503 °C (937 °F) 510 °C (950 °F)
NOx emissions ≤ 25 vppm at 15% O2 on fuel gas (with DLE)

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