Siemens SGT-750 Gas Turbine

Power Generation: ISO 38.1 MW(e) / Mechanical Drive: 39.3 MW

The Siemens SGT-750 is a low-weight industrial gas turbine designed and developed to incorporate size and weight advantages of the aeroderivative gas turbine whilst maintaining the robustness, flexibility and longevity of the traditional heavy-duty industrial gas turbine. It has a power output of 38 MW for power generation, or of 39 MW for mechanical drive. The turbine was specifically designed for long operating times with extended overhaul intervals, and features easy maintenance, high availability, and outstanding reliability. With extremely low downtimes for planned overhaul and maintenance work (only 17 days in 17 years), the Siemens SGT-750 achieves the highest availability in its performance class. Thanks to its high efficiency and low emissions, this gas turbine is a highly economical and environmentally friendly prime mover.


  • 39 MW gas turbine with high efficiency for low fuel consumption
  • Exhaust heat suitable for combined heat and power and combined-cycle applications
  • High availability with extremely low downtime for planned maintenance (17 days in 17 years)
  • Designed to be service-friendly
  • Fast gas generator exchange
  • Maintenance on-site or at local service workshop
  • Easy access for boroscope inspection
  • State-of-the-art Dry Low Emissions (DLE) combustion system
  • Robust – safe operation

Favorable Power-to-weight Ratio

The Siemens SGT-750 industrial gas turbine features a particularly favorable power-to-weight ratio. The Siemens SGT-750 uses proven design principles and combines the best and most reliable materials and components. As a result, Siemens developers created a state-of-the-art gas turbine with minimal fuel consumption and extremely high availability.

Proven design principles

The Siemens SGT-750 gas generator consists of a 13-stage axial air compressor with a rotor built from a number of fully electron-beam-welded disks. The intermediate shaft is welded onto the compressor and the two gas generator turbine disks are bolted onto the intermediate shaft. The low-pressure section is manufactured out of low alloy steel, whereas Inconel 718 is used for the disks in the high-pressure section. The cooled gas generator turbine stator and rotor blades are precision-cast components.

Although the compressor section of the Siemens SGT-750 is of conventional horizontally split design, the remaining sections in the unit use single-piece, circular stator components arranged behind each other, thus avoiding any loss of circularity and reducing aerodynamic losses to a minimum. These sections can be removed as modules, which provides for easy access and simple maintenance.

The combustion chamber system for the 37 MW Siemens SGT-750 gas turbine consists of eight tubular combustion chambers with a double-walled serial-cooled design and eight double-walled transition ducts with parallel cooling. The system is suitable for both liquid and gaseous fuels. The tubular design provides for outstanding ease of maintenance and exchangeability.
The Siemens SGT-750’s two-stage compressor turbine comprises the stator with guide vanes and the rotor assembly bolted to the compressor rotor. The first stage is cooled by a combination of internal convective cooling and film cooling.

The Siemens SGT-750’s power turbine is a two-stage axial-flow turbine, aerodynamically connected to the gas generator. The nominal turbine speed is 6100 rpm and the direction of shaft rotation is clockwise looking in the direction of the flow. In mechanical drive applications, the turbine speed range is 50 – 105 percent of the nominal speed.


  • Gas turbine power plants (simple cycle applications)
  • Combined cycle power plants (combined cycle applications)
  • Combined heat and power (CHP) / cogeneration
  • Mechanical drive

Technical Data


Siemens SGT-750 Performance data for simple cycle power generation
Power output 38.1 MW(e)
Fuel Natural gas
Frequency 50 / 60 Hz
Gross efficiency 40.2%
Heat rate 8,953 kJ / kWh
Turbine speed 6,100 rpm
Pressure ratio 23.8 : 1
Exhaust mass flow 113.8 kg / s
Exhaust temperature 458 °C (857 °F)
NOx emissions ≤ 15 vppm at 15% O2 on fuel gas (with DLE)
Siemens SGT-750 Performance data for combined cycle power generation
Siemens combined cycle power plant Siemens SCC-750 1×1 Siemens SCC-750 2×1
Net power output 49.4 MW(e) 99.4 MW(e)
Net plant efficiency 52.1% 52.7%
Net heat rate 6,909 kJ / kWh 6,831 kJ / kWh
Number of gas turbines 1 2
Note: All combined cycle performance is based on 2 pressure, no reheat
Siemens SGT-750 Performance data for mechanical drive applications
Power output 39.3 MW
Fuel Natural gas
Heat rate 8,685 kJ / kWh
Turbine speed 3,050 – 6,405 rpm
Pressure ratio 23.8 : 1
Exhaust mass flow 113.8 kg / s
Exhaust temperature 458°C (857 °F)
NOx emissions ≤ 15 vppm at 15% O2 on fuel gas (with DLE)

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