Siemens SGT-500 Gas Turbine

Power Generation: ISO 19.1 MW(e) / Mechanical Drive: 19.3 MW

The Siemens SGT-500 triple-shaft industrial gas turbine is a light-weight, rugged machine that offers high efficiency. It operates reliably in the power output range up to 20 MW. When it comes to selecting fuels, the turbine is extremely flexible. It burns various heavy oils (MFO, HFO) and other residues from refinery processes with a gravity of up to 12° or 13° API, crude oil and heavy crude oil, naphtha, lean gases and hydrogen-rich gases. The Siemens SGT-500 is available as a factory-assembled package and has an excellent power-to-weight ratio.

Overview of Benefits

  • Operation with heavy oil (MFO, HFO, IF180) and heavy crude oil is possible
  • Excellent fuel flexibility, fuel changeover on load
  • Cyclic, peaking or continuous service
  • Low consumption at startup due to 3-shaft design
  • Synchronization and thus black start mode within three minutes after startup
  • Reliable deployment onshore, offshore and on FPSO vessels
  • High efficiency, low degradation
  • Dry Low Emissions (DLE) combustion system for gaseous or liquid fuels
  • Modern automation and control system
  • Casing with blade containment capability and thermal insulation without forced ventilation
  • Complete delivery from OEM – core engine and auxiliary equipment tested in the factory prior to delivery
  • Long intervals between overhauls, low maintenance costs
  • On-site maintenance or core engine replacement
  • Combustor and hot section accessible

Modular Design

The modular, compact design of the Siemens SGT-500 facilitates on-site maintenance, since the modules can be quickly replaced. The Siemens SGT-500 consists of a twin-shaft gas generator. The low-pressure unit includes a ten-stage LP compressor and a two-stage LP turbine. The high-pressure unit includes an eight-stage HP compressor and a single-stage HP turbine. The Siemens three-stage SGT-500 has speeds of 3,600 rpm for power generation and 3,450 rpm for mechanical drives. A blade tip clearance adjuster is located between the turbine’s stator and rotor, making it possible to increase the efficiency. The Siemens SGT-500 gas turbine is available with a conventional or a Dry Low Emissions (DLE) combustion system. Both systems can fire both gaseous and liquid fuels. The DLE system also achieves low NOx emissions.


The Siemens SGT-500 has proven itself for industrial power generation and for mechanical drive. Applications include —

  • Offshore production of heavy crude oil (burns different heavy oils)
  • Power generation for the oil and gas industry (onshore for use in oil fields or refinery applications and offshore on platforms and FPSO vessels)
  • Drive for compressors in the oil and gas industry
  • Gas turbine power plants (simple cycle applications)
  • Combined cycle power plants (combined cycle applications)
  • Combined heat and power (CHP)

Technical Data

SGT-500 Performance data for simple cycle
Power output 19.1 MW (e)
Fuel Natural gas, liquid, dual, HFO, crude oil
Frequency 50 / 60 Hz
Gross efficiency 33.7%
Heat rate 10,690 kJ / kWh
Turbine speed 3,600 rpm
Pressure ratio 13.0 : 1
Exhaust mass flow 97.9 kg / s
Exhaust temperature 369° C (696° F)
NOx emissions ≤ 42 vppm at 15% O2 on fuel gas (with DLE)
SGT-500 Performance data for mechanical drive applications
Power output 19.3 MW
Fuel Natural gas, liquid, dual, HFO, crude oil
Efficiency 34.2%
Heat rate 10,530 kJ / kWh
Turbine speed 3.450 rpm
Pressure ratio 13.0 : 1
Exhaust mass flow 97.9 kg / s
Exhaust temperature 369° C (696° F)
NOx emissions ≤ 42 vppm at 15% O2 on fuel gas (with DLE)

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