Siemens Industrial 501-K Gas Turbine

Power Generation: 4.0 - 6.6 MW(e)

Available for power generation and mechanical drive applications, the Siemens Industrial 501-K has accumulated over 110 million hours of operation with more than 500 customers in 53 countries. This compact design delivers high efficiency, easy maintenance and outstanding reliability. Based on proven aeroderivative design the Siemens Industrial 501-K gas generator offers rugged, easy to maintain performance due to features such as auxiliary equipment.


Low dry emission

The Dry Low Emissions system introduced on the Siemens Industrial 501-K series of gas turbines, utilizes premixed lean burn combustion technology that is applied to the six axially aligned combustion cans to significantly reduce emissions.

The system limits exhaust gas emissions to less than 25 volumetric parts per million (vppm) NOx, 50 vppm CO and 20 vppm UHC while operating on natural gas at full load.

Technical Data

Siemens Industrial 501-K: Performance data for simple cycle power generation
Siemens Industrial 501-KB5S Siemens Industrial 501-KB7S Siemens Industrial 501-KH5
Power output 4.0 MW(e) 5.4 MW(e) 6.6 MW(e)
Fuel Natural gas, liquid fuel, dual fuel; other fuels upon request; automatic changeover from primary to secondary fuel at any load
Frequency 50 / 60 Hz 50 / 60 Hz 50 / 60 Hz
Gross efficiency 30.6 % 33.1% 42.1%
Heat rate 11,780 kJ / kWh 10,865 kJ / kWh 8,549 kJ / kWh
Turbine speed 14,200 rpm 14,600 rpm 14,600 rpm
Pressure ratio 10.2 : 1 13.8 : 1 10.2 : 1
Exhaust mass flow 15.4 kg / s 21..3 kg / s 18.4 kg / s
Exhaust gas temperature 560 °C (1,040 °F) 494°C (921 °F) 530°C (986 °F)
NOx emissions ≤ 25 vppm at 15% O2 on fuel gas (with DLE)
Note: Siemens Industrial 501-KHS with case steam injection (2.73 kg / s)

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