KG2-3G Gas Turbines

For 1 to 12 MW Power Generation

The highly efficient KG2-3G gas turbine is the successor of the successful KG2-3C and 3E gas turbine products. It is designed to meet ever more demanding emissions regulations, making it ideally suited for continuous power generation on- and offshore, as well as for emergency and stand-by power supply. Because of its simple, low-maintenance design, high reliability and operational experience, the KG2 turbine generator package is the preferred solution for power requirements from 1 to 12 MW. The wide fuel range enables operation on extremely low heating value fuels, landfill gas, and associated gas from crude oil production.

Technical Data

ISO (15°C/59°F) shaft output) 2,000 kW
Output shaft speed 1,500/1,800 rpm
Fuel type Natural gas
Fuel rate 14,118 kJ/kWh
Exhaust gas temperature 583°C/1081°F
Exhaust mass flow 9.5 kg/sec
Generators 400 V to 11 kV
Weight, turbine/gear 1,800 kg
Package weight 16,000 kg
Approx. package dimensions (L x W x H) 13.7 m x 4.5 m x 6.9 m

In some instances, lower pressures are acceptable; for example, when a client can guarantee a constant pressure supply.