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Doug Craig – Affirms Importance of Courage, Tenacity, and Resourcefulness

Doug Craig enjoys stories of people who persevere through difficulty. One of his favorite books, “Unbroken” by Laura Hillenbrand, tells the inspiring true story of a man named Louie Zamperini. Within the pages, Doug finds an affirming message about perseverance and resourcefulness.

Louie Zamperini’s life took him along the path of a young prankster, to a 1936 Olympian contestant and then, horrifically, to a prisoner in one of WWII’s most brutal Japanese POW camps. Through all the trials and tribulations in Zamperini’s life he demonstrates courage, tenacity and resourcefulness. The journey of Zamperini both inspires and reminds Doug that those qualities can accomplish much in this world.

Doug Craig, Regional Business Leader for Saudi Arabia and General Manager of Dresser-Rand Arabia.

Doug Craig, Regional Business Leader for Saudi Arabia and General Manager of Dresser-Rand Arabia.

If someone had told Doug 10 years ago that he would be asked to travel to the Middle East to establish Dresser-Rand’s local presence in that region, he may have thought for a moment about the difficulty of that journey. However, true to his admiration for the quality of perseverance, when he was asked to lead the transition he did not back down from the challenge; instead, Doug rose to the occasion and moved the transition effort forward.

Currently, he serves in two positions, both related to the development of Dresser-Rand Arabia. His dual roles as Regional Business Leader for Saudi Arabia and as General Manager of Dresser-Rand Arabia feature both internal and external responsibilities. Each position on its own would call for a degree of courage, tenacity and resourcefulness; however, combined these dual roles instead necessitate such characteristics to succeed.

As the Regional Business Leader for Saudi Arabia, Doug defines and develops projects in-country. His role is to connect with organizations and find opportunities by communicating with government ministries, community organizations and public and private companies in the target markets.

To investigate and facilitate potential projects, Doug finds that it’s critical to develop and maintain close relationships with high level government authorities, national oil company executives, local industry leaders, finance and business groups, as well as community leaders and organizations. This amount of client coordination would constitute a full workload for many, but in this particular role Doug must also keep an eye on the political and regulatory horizon as well.

To conduct business in this region, Dresser-Rand and its management team must understand the host country’s political and regulatory environment and keep current on local developments along the project pipeline. This may involve adhering to the host country’s priorities and the business needs of the international and national energy companies. In every case, there may be details required to meet localization, capital, business and, civic needs.

Because of these multiple priorities, Doug spends time evaluating, promoting and implementing expansion projects, while recommending operational and financial models for the local entities in Saudi Arabia. He also advises on new equipment and services.

As General Manager of Dresser-Rand Arabia, Doug serves as the legal operating manager of Dresser-Rand’s joint venture business where D-R is the operating partner. Ultimately, it falls under this part of his job description to ensure Dresser-Rand meets its financial and operational objectives including implementing and leading a culture of safety, good governance, profitable growth, high performance, and a commitment to singular processes across the enterprise.

Doug remarked that, “There are a variety of opportunities and no shortage of new and interesting challenges. But that is what keeps this job interesting to me. I feel especially gratified when a particular challenge is successfully resolved.”

Like so many other professionals both within Dresser-Rand and the industry itself, Doug finds the most rewarding aspects of the position to be that of mentoring and assisting other employees on their career paths. He describes himself as patient, ambitious, reliable, and resilient – not surprising, these are similar to the same qualities he admires in Louie Zamperini.

In his free time, Doug enjoys golfing, hiking, motorcycling, and scuba diving with his wife of 31 years, Libby. The couple has three children; a son, Ryan, who is 25; a daughter, Taylor, who is 23; and a daughter, Kelsey who is 21.

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