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Dresser-Rand to Feature High-efficiency Technologies at the 17th International Conference + Exhibition on Liquefied Natural GAs


HOUSTON, TEXAS – APRIL 9, 2013 – Dresser-Rand, a global supplier of rotating equipment solutions to the oil, gas, petrochemical, power, and process industries, will showcase a variety of its high-efficiency technologies and innovations for the liquefied natural gas (LNG) industry during the 17th International Conference and Exhibition on Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG-17).

Industry engineers and executives visiting booth #353 will have the opportunity to explore Dresser-Rand innovations in compression systems, power generation turbines, dry gas seals, small-scale LNG systems and Dresser-Rand test facilities.

“High-efficiency compressors and turbines like Dresser-Rand’s DATUM® compressor and VECTRA® power turbine are critical in making LNG accessible and useful to clients in the market,” said Harry Miller, Director of Emerging Technologies at Dresser-Rand. “We look forward to showing how our products for the LNG market can improve efficiency for our clients.”

Dresser-Rand DATUM® Centrifugal Compressors Offer Efficiency and Reliability for LNG Industry
Innovations in Dresser-Rand’s high-efficiency DATUM line of centrifugal compressors have supported significant advancements in natural gas recovery and transport. Additionally, a liquid separation stage can be provided in the DATUM casing, avoiding the expense and space required to install an isolated separator on the suction line of a compressor, thereby keeping the flow path dry resulting in higher efficiency and reliability.

The DATUM compressor offers industry-leading compression technology, rotor dynamics and head capacity per compressor case, all of which allow for increased LNG production. This compressor not only maximizes LNG production by reducing the number and duration of maintenance shutdowns, but it also provides incremental LNG production because of its higher thermodynamics efficiency as compared to competing products.

The use of DATUM units at multiple facilities provides advantages to the plants’ equipment operators as they can share spare parts and service-related activities. Using patented control algorithms, the DATUM compressor allows plants to integrate compressor and process, resulting in greater overall efficiency and reliability.

The DATUM line of centrifugal compressors offers efficiency, reliability and easy maintenance for gas gathering, liquid recovery, gas lift, gas injection, pipeline boosters, gas storage, recompression, and reinjection. It can also be used for wet gas, hydrogen, coker, and other hydrocarbon and utility gases in refining applications.

DATUM centrifugal compressors are available in 15 different sizes with discharge pressures ranging up to more than 15,000psig (1,000 bar), maximum flow rates from 5,400 cfm (9,200 m3/h) to 700,000 cfm (1,200,000 m3/h), and power ratings to more than 120,000 bhp (90 MW). Cases can be split axially (900 psig max.) or radially (15,000 psig max.) and are available in a variety of configurations and connection orientations.

VX™ Cycle Provides Cost-effective LNG Solution
Due to a recent definitive agreement, Dresser-Rand has been granted a worldwide exclusive license to Expansion Energy’s proprietary VX™ Cycle technology. VX Cycle is believed to be the first technology to provide a co-setffective small-scale LNG production process with capacities as low as 1,500 gallons per day-far smaller than any other LNG production system commercially available today.

The mobile, skid-mounted equipment configuration for this process technology opens up a wide variety of applications in markets currently underserved or not served at all.

Upstream applications includes: the monetization of flared gas or associated gas to increase revenues for oil companies and reduce their environmental impact; the production of stranded natural gas fields which are not close to existing pipeline infrastructure and on-site fuel supply for drilling rigs converted to run on LNG.

Downstream applications include the production of vehicle-grade LNG, allowing LNG to compete effectively with diesel fuel on a cost-per-energy-content (BTU) basis as the use of LNG fuel is increasing rapidly for long-haul trucks, delivery fleets, buses, ships, barges and ferries, railroad locomotives, and construction/mining equipment.

Dresser-Rand Dry Gas Seals Extend Oil Life
Because of their advantages, Dresser-Rand dry gas seals are installed on 95 percent of new compressors for varied services throughout the world. The seals’ advanced designs, state-of-the-art manufacturing and testing, allow for a full-service seal solution for existing centrifugal compressors.

Compared to conventional oil lubricated seals, dry gas seals eliminate the need for complex and costly seal oil systems and the ongoing maintenance associated with them. Dresser-Rand’s dry gas seals also improve efficiency by eliminating the parasitic power losses caused by oil shear and drag and also eliminate the contamination of process gas by seal lubricants. Clients using dry gas seals have experienced extended oil life and high reliability.

Dresser-Rand Test Facilities Showcase Commitment to Quality
Dresser-Rand’s 600,000-square foot compressor, full-load test facility in Le Havre, France, increased its worldwide testing capacity for natural gas up to 200,000 horsepower (150MW) gas turbine drive, or 134,000 horsepower (100 MW) electrical drive. The electrical power is provided by a 225,000 volt connection to the grid and a transformer with multiple outputs brings down the voltage to the required level.

Dresser-Rand’s facilities in LeHavre, France and its associated global service centers feature the latest technology and manufacturing skills to repair and rebuild centrifugal compressors, reciprocating compressors, steam turbines, expanders, pumps, and rotary compressors for nearly any brand of rotating equipment.

Dresser-Rand’s Field Service Teams Help Clients
Dresser-Rand’s integrated field service teams help clients develop cost-effective, field-proven solutions for all rotating equipment and related control systems. The field service teams are also supported by an extensive technical support network consisting of R&D teams, equipment design engineers and aerodynamic performance engineers who are available to help conduct application and feasibility studies for complex projects. The service could also provide a long- term service contract that covers the on-line condition monitoring of the equipment or can be set up to operate the unit for the client.

Field service representatives, mechanics and millwrights are available 24 hours a day with fully equipped service vehicles, ready to respond immediately to repair requirements. Dresser-Rand service centers also offer a wide range of training programs that emphasize the practical aspects of machine operation, maintenance, repair, reliability, troubleshooting, and safety.

To learn more about Dresser-Rand and its offerings, stop by booth #353 at LNG-17 on April 16-19, 2013 or visit www.dresser-rand. com.