VECTRA 40G  
D-R VECTRA™ Power Turbine Proves Its Mettle

RECENT PROJECTS for major clients at opposite ends of the world demonstrate the value of Dresser-Rand's VECTRA power turbine in demanding mechanical drive and power generation applications.

First introduced to the industry at the 1996 Turbo Expo in Birmingham, England, the Dresser-Rand VECTRA 40G power turbine was designed to match the General Electric LM2500+ gas generator. With an ISO rating of 42,100 horsepower (30MW), and a maximum continuous speed of 6,500 RPM, this power turbine provides an efficient power package for high-speed operation.

Several design features, introduced with the VECTRA unit, greatly improve serviceability while reducing the overall weight by up to 70 percent compared with the power turbines offered on the market in the mid-1990s. Its modular design helps reduce downtime associated with service and repairs. An entire change-out of a VECTRA power turbine, including removal and replacement, can be achieved in less than 24 hours. Modularity eliminates the extended production outages necessitated by onsite maintenance and its low weight allows a VECTRA module to be helicoptered to offshore platforms and other remote sites, further reducing time lost. The VECTRA power turbine uses the same oil system as the gas generator, simplifying installation as well as maintenance.
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