US Navy Air Compressors

Dresser-Rand ship service air compressors have reliably supported the US Navy for more than 60 years.

Our centrifugal, rotary screw, and reciprocating units are providing low-, and high-pressure air from 125 psig to 5,000 psig with capacities from 60 scfm to 1,750 scfm. Applications for Dresser-Rand air compressors on surface ships include vital air services such as feed air to oxygen / nitrogen (O2N2) plants, pressurization for aircraft elevators, emergency diesel engine starting, control of sea water, and support of helicopter services. On submarines, Dresser-Rand compressors are being used for main hydraulic systems, torpedo and missile ejection, emergency main ballast tank blow, and for starting diesel engines.

The ability to maintain reliable onboard equipment during the 30 to 50 year life cycle of a ship depends on the capability of its supplier to stay abreast of technology and bring it to the fleet as equipment upgrades. Dresser-Rand understands the importance of supporting its Navy equipment population with upgrades that continually improve readiness, survivability, and most importantly, offer the reliability to decrease maintenance cost and crew manning requirements.

Programmable Logic Control – Creating a “Smart Ship”

Following in the footsteps of the interstage membrane dehydrator (IMD) success, Dresser-Rand introduced a programmable logic control (PLC) system for its low and high-pressure compressor systems. Ideal for use on “Smart Ship” programs, this unit allows air compressors to be operated remotely, reducing manpower requirements. It features automatic operation of menu-driven touch screens, as well as automatic indicators and alarms. It also enables the networking of multiple compressors, controlling various lead-lag scenarios. Superior trending capabilities (minutes, hours, and days) reduce troubleshooting and maintenance time. All PLCs meet U.S. Navy shock and vibration requirements.

Recently, Dresser-Rand completed the modification of all 688 class submarine high-pressure air compressors with the PLC. The result is the elimination of obsolete or antiquated equipment such as the drain system, the temperature monitor, and the gauge board. The improved system includes the PLC controller; a timed, solenoid-operated drain system; extended valve life; fewer mechanical joints; an upgraded cylinder lubrication system; and greater reliability with less maintenance.

Dresser-Rand and the Navy are building on the success of the 688 class submarine high-pressure air compressor upgrades and extending them to the 726 class submarine air compressors. Upgrades to retrofit all SSBN and SSGN high-pressure air compressors with a similar PLC conversion have begun. Additionally, the surface Navy continues the modification of its air compressors with the PLC. Ship Change Document (SCD) 6044 will upgrade high-pressure air compressors aboard the frigates and cruisers, while SCD’s 853 and 8220 will install the PLC on all NAXI low-pressure air compressors.

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