Offshore Oil + Gas Production

With demand for oil projected to keep climbing, oil companies are exploiting harder-to-reach reservoirs and keeping existing assets operating much longer.

Oil and gas production platforms in offshore environments pose unique safety and environmental concerns due to remote locations, harsh conditions, and strict space and weight limitations.

Dresser-Rand designs and produces state-of-the-art technologies and understands the challenges facing the offshore production and processing of oil and gas —

  • Footprint (size and weight)
  • Remote locations
  • Harsh environments
  • Climate dangers
  • Personnel safety
  • Offshore and emergency power generation
  • Environmental impact

We help to minimize the concerns of our offshore oil and gas clients by delivering safe, reliable, and efficient products such as DATUM® centrifugal compressors, gas turbines, VECTRA® and DR-61 power turbines, control systems, and world-class service and support solutions.