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For more than 100 years, COPPUS® has been a worldwide leader in industrial ventilation equipment. Designed to help clients meet API / ANSI guidelines and procedures, COPPUS portable ventilators are well suited to meet the demands of construction, maintenance and safety professionals within the oil & gas, tank storage and petrochemical industries.

Today, thousands of compressed air-driven COPPUS Reaction Fans (RF) and Jectair series Venturi air movers are operating globally. Engineered for high performance and reliability, these units continually prove to be the safe and economical choice for:

  • Mechanical vapor
  • Gas freeing
  • Confined space ventilation applications.

Proven and economical, COPPUS Portable Ventilators continue to increase efficiencies in industrial sectors all over the world.

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Complementing performance and reliability, a wide range of accessories are offered with safety and convenience in mind.

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